I am so lazy, I hate spending time on eating, but I have to spend 0.5-1 hours to have meals every day. What a shame and a waste of time for lazy people like me, I can name 1,000 more important things than having regular food. Maybe we can DIY our meals which will take us less than 2 minutes and meanwhile meet our nutritional requirements, it also sounds good if there already exist such products.


You may have heard Soylent, which seems a excellent option. According to Wikipedia

Soylent is a meal replacement beverage, advertised as a “staple meal”, available in both liquid and powdered forms. Its creators state that Soylent meets all nutritional requirements for an average adult.

Besides the Soylent official formula are the DIY recipes. Users can use design their own nutrient profiles and recipes.

If you take one minute to search on Google, you will find more similar products. This page gives us a comprehensive comparison.

In China, alternatives include ??, ??1024 from ??.

Buy ingredients and DIY in your kitchen?

This is definitely feasible, and you can customize the flavor of your meals as you wish. First thing of all, design you recipe. I recommend you to begin designing recipes on Soylent DIY by imitating U.S. government DRI. Usually I prepare ingredient every day, mix the powder and divide it to two or three serving for that day. A better way is to do a batch for like one week, liquid meals should be refrigerated and consumed ASAP before they spoil, powder form can be kept much longer.

Some concern about the recipe

** How much protein is healthy? ** According to Guidance for Industry: A Food Labeling Guide (14. Appendix F: Calculate the Percent Daily Value for the Appropriate Nutrients), I should intake 50 g of protein per day, counting like 10% as calorie source, but on Soylent, the most popular nutrient profile which 410 recipes are derived from tells us we should intake 85g of protein, actually equivalent to 17% of daily calories, and the nutrient profile calculator even suggests me to intake 25%-calories-providing protein. That is really confusing me, how much the heck protein should I have, is 25% calories from protein healthy?

I have be taking the recipe for more than 8 months, and once per day in average, and I haven’t noticeable changes in health.

Tips to improve taste

Some ingredients are very useful to make your meals tasty and increase your appetite: Matcha , Chocolate,

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