Before I moved to California, all meal-replacements I could buy are too expensive, so I made my own at home, and here was my recipe if you can read Chinese.

Now I have more options: Soylent, Joylent, 100%FOOD, etc. And most times, they are cheaper than Chinese similar products. Soylent and 100%FOOD are based in USA and Joylent is in England.

I bought Joylent when I found Soylent was designing their powder 1.7 and the 1.6 was backordered, and found Joylent is pretty good. Joylent powder is ground very fine and easy to mix well with water in the shaker bottle ( the first shaker bottle is free ). My favorite flavor is chocolate, it tastes good and has no gas problem ( gut gas ), but when I tried the banana flavor, the gas is really weird. As for the price, €6/day for 5 bags or €5.50/day for 10 bags, cheaper than Soylent and 100%FOOD. Besides the international shipment fee is acceptable for €5, but the DHL is too slow, I waited for 9 days.

After Joylent, I tried 100%FOOD, I was disappointed. Its ingredient is mainly seeds, the powder is too coarse grained, I felt not really comfortable when swallowing the diet. Its taste is not well seasoned: its sweet and salty are too strong simultaneously, which is weird. After having the diet, I had slight hearburn/gerd, I guess too much seed in the ingredient is the cause, because I had the very alike feeling when I had whole-grain diet. So I give up 100%FOOD.

As for Soylent, I will try someday. UPDATE 12/27/2016 Soylent is really really SOY, it contains SOY, it smells SOY, it tastes SOY. The delivery by FedEx only takes 2 days, very fast. The version of Soylent I got here is 1.7, the taste of soy is too strong, I’ve no idea if previous version was like this. I managed to drink the first bottle, terrible. Days later, I tried the second, but this time I mixed the Soylent powder with CocaCola instead of water to cover the soy taste, but the taste just got a little better. If you use blender bottle, you should wash your bottle very carefully, clean the spring ball and the bottle bottom and every corner, or the remaining soy ingredient will go bad you will ruin your bottle with disgusting smell. That’s enough to stop me buying another box of Soylent.

In a word, I like Joylent most, don’t like 100%FOOD and Soylent, but Soylent is still acceptable. Hope someday Soylent will replace its soy ingredient or at least have its own chocolate flavor and price will go down.