Physics is my favorite discipline, but it’s been so many years since I graduated from high school when it was the last period of the time I acquired new physics knowledge. I have various excuses not to pick up physics learning and gain new physics knowledge these years, I’m too busy, too tired, have no time, have other immediately required skills to learn, etc. Physics didn’t find its way to my priority. But it’s not he case this time, my laptop was sent back to Apple Store to get repaired, all I have in hand now are a tablet, a phone, a paper notebook and a pencil. I can’t code, can’t blog, I can only read something and write down something by hand, physics gets its chance today.

Months earlier, I searched open courses of Quantum Physics, it turned out Coursera had no good courses, so I chose an looking-ok course by Stanford Online. Why did I choose Quantum Physics, because it was developed relatively late and is rather mysterious to me. Of course I will dabble in other physics branches in the future, but I’m happy with Quantum as my first step.

Quantum Mechanics requires some prerequisites, most of which I’ve mastered, several disciplines need relearning to keep fresh in my mind.

Prerequisite of Quantum Mechanics

*Background mathematics *Trigonometric