Sometimes you are sleeping after midnight, but your neighbors are excited talking loudly, or watching a noisy show, or even continuing their party. What can you do?

First, no matter you have your own way around the disturbance or not, you should talk to your neighbors and let them know it’s after midnight and you are disturbed by their noise.

Second, wait for one minute, to see if your neighbors are really informed.

Third, if they stop, congratulations, your night is not totally ruined. If they don’t, I hope you have your noise canceling devices ready, like Bose headsets or Sensory Deprivation Tanks or Meditation Isolation Chambers, I’m just kidding, but you can really count on some devices.

Fourth, if they behave even worse, and your house is shaky shaky, call police is your only way. And since you can’t fall asleep anymore, get up and read some law stuff or this.