This is my first time to learn Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics is a very cool discipline to me.

MIT: 8.04.1x Quantum Mechanics I

1. Introduction to Superposition

Empirical fact: Electron is black or white, hard or soft.

Color and hardness is unrelated.

After you measured the color/hardness of a electron once, you are still not sure about its color/hardness before it’s measured second time.

Color and Hardness of Electron

Part I: Wave Mechanics

MIT: 8.05.1x Quantum Mechanics I

L1S1: Schrodinger’s equation. Probability density. Conservation of probability

\[i\hbar \frac { \Psi (x,t) }{ \delta t } =(-\frac { \hbar ^{ 2 } }{ 2m } \frac { \delta ^{ 2 } }{ \delta x^2 } + V(x,t))\Psi(x,t)\]